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Insurance of an “Englishman” in Poland

Insurance of an "Englishman" in Poland

Although often the reason for importing a car from Great Britain to Poland is the desire to obtain parts, this is not a rule. Cars with the steering wheel on the right side may have their avid supporters who like to drive them also on continental roads, regardless of any complications and inconveniences. Like any vehicle, such a car requires insurance and registration to be allowed to drive. What does “Englishman’s” insurance look like in practice and what costs can be expected?

  1. How to insure the “Englishman”?
  2. How much does UK car insurance cost?
  3. Why is civil liability insurance more expensive?


You will find all the answers below. We invite you to read!

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How To Insure The “Englishman”?

The condition for obtaining a Polish registration number for a car imported from the British Isles is the introduction of several modifications to the vehicle’s construction (read also: Registration of a car from England in Poland). Exactly the same changes are expected by insurance companies before they agree to conclude an OC or AC policy. Modifications do not interfere with the construction of the car and in the case of popular models they do not cost more than PLN 2,000. More will have to be invested in modifications if they concern more expensive, new or niche cars. 

What modifications are we talking about:

  • headlight adjustment
  • replacement of cartridges in the mirrors
  • relocation of the rear fog lamp to the left side
  • speedometer replacement


As you can see, the information about the need to move the steering wheel from the right to the left side is missing from the above list – because it has not been done since 2015.

After completing the above works, no company will refuse to insure your “Englishman”.

How much does “Englishman” insurance cost in Poland?

Concluding an insurance policy for a car from England looks exactly the same as for a car bought in Poland. The most advantageous offer can be found at the intermediary’s office, via the hotline or by contacting selected companies directly. There are even legends about the costs of such insurance – some sources say that the policy can be 300% more expensive, others that not necessarily. Where is the truth?

It is difficult to clearly determine how much the policy costs and how much more expensive it is between the imported and native car, because many variables are taken into account here. Technical data of the vehicle, place of registration, experience and age of the driver – these are selected factors that affect the cost of insurance. Some examples of offers are presented below:

  • Toyota Yaris – Diesel – 1.3 engine: standard OC PLN 400 / OC “Englishman” 713 PLN.
  • Audi A3 – Petrol – 2.0 engine: standard liability insurance PLN 469 / civil liability insurance PLN 821
  • Honda Civic – Petrol – 1.4 engine: standard OC PLN 410 / OC “Englishman” PLN 687.


The calculations provided come from the Mubi comparison website from January 2022. The hypothetical driver here is a man aged 37, who has had a driving license for 17 years and has not reported any damage in the past year.

What are the differences in the rates offered, depending on the vehicle registration address? Cheapest offers:

  • Offers in Poznań: from PLN 383
  • Offers in Warsaw: from PLN 391
  • Offers in Lublin: PLN 390
  • Offers in Starogard Gdański: PLN 395
Insurance of an "Englishman" in Poland

Why is civil liability insurance more expensive?

From the point of view of the insurer, the design of the car imported from Great Britain affects the level of safety of the driver and passengers. If the buyer does not decide to switch the steering wheel from right to left, then many maneuvers will be difficult. The first one that will probably come to your mind is overtaking – which is also risky for continental cars. Nevertheless, the costs of the policy are proportionate, as always – cheaper, older, smaller cars can still be insured at a relatively low cost.

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