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All-Terrain Vehicles from England
Import Of Off-Road Vehicles From England
Import of Off-Road Vehicles from England

We invite you to use our services of importing off-road vehicles from England. We offer our help in choosing, buying and transporting any car from Great Britain to Poland or to another country located in the European Union. At the client’s request, we check the history of the vehicle, including the compliance of the odometer reading and the status of the technical inspection. Our clients can always count on professional advice and full commitment of our team, as well as attractive and transparent terms of cooperation.

Our services also include handling formalities, including:

  • signing on behalf of the buyer a contract for the purchase and sale of the vehicle
  • customs clearance and completion of all formal issues towards the Customs Office
  • obtaining an export certificate, a certificate of origin and a V5 registration certificate
  • completion of formal issues regarding auction portals.
Import Of Off-Road Vehicles From England
How is the Import Going?

Choosing and buying an off-road vehicle from England can be done in two ways:

a) Auction – individual customers can use the help of our dedicated account manager, who on their behalf will take care of the auction of the vehicles they are interested in on platforms such as:


Customers interested in permanent cooperation in the field of importing cars can bid on the prices of vehicles on their own on accounts created by us in auction houses.

b) Sales platform – we are prepared to finalize and negotiate terms of purchase and sale on platforms such as

  • eBay
  • Gumtree
  • Auto Trader
  • and others.

In both cases, we relieve buyers in all formal and organizational matters. We finalize the purchase, organize transport in the door 2 door system or to any designated place and settle the costs of the completed order using a VAT invoice. Thus, we relieve the buyer of the obligation to pay VAT at the British office.

Import Of Off-Road Vehicles From England
Why Is It Worth It?
In addition to attractive price conditions, the British market is famous for its unique, unusual car models, which are rarely found in other European countries. This is a rule that also applies to off-road vehicles – often imported from England precisely because of this fact. Unique equipment, a color that stands out in the crowd, and a tempting price – these are arguments that are definitely worth considering when looking for a used off-road vehicle and considering buying such a car from Great Britain.
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