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Vans from England
Import Of Vans From England
Import of Vans from England

We offer a service of importing vans from England, addressed to individual recipients and to companies – garages, car dealerships or enterprises expanding their fleet of vehicles. We provide assistance at every stage of the purchase, also helping our clients in auctions and price negotiations. Thanks to us, importing a car from England is not only cost-effective, but also completely safe and comfortable for the buyer.

Our offer includes comprehensive import services in formal terms:

  • Conclusion of a contract for the purchase and sale of a delivery vehicle on behalf of the buyer
  • Completion of formalities before the Customs Office
  • Obtaining vehicle documents: certificate of origin, export certificate, V5 registration document
  • Completion of all formalities towards the auction house or sales platform
Import Of Vans From England
How is the Import Going?

Importing cars from England can be troublesome for those interested, among others, due to the specificity of concluding purchase and sale transactions. Cars are often bought here by bidding at British auction houses:

Therefore, the finalization of the transaction requires having an active account on a specific auction site and tracking the progress of the bidding. However, you don’t have to worry about that if you use our help. Our team includes a dedicated account manager who participates in designated auctions on behalf of clients.

In addition, we mediate in transactions concluded through sales platforms such as:

  • eBay
  • Gumtree
  • Auto Trader
  • and others.
Regardless of which way you choose to buy your van – we will take care of all organizational and formal issues, transporting your car from England to Poland or to another EU country. You also don’t have to pay VAT.
Import Of Vans From England
Why Is It Worth It?
One of the advantages of importing a car from England is an attractive price, which is often accompanied by a much better quality than that offered by sellers in Poland. This applies not only to vans, but to all cars imported from Great Britain. The difference in the price of the same vehicle in Poland (and other EU countries) and England can be as much as 30%! But that’s not all. For some buyers, the greater advantage is a wider choice of models that are difficult to find on European roads.
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