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Driving “Englishman” in Poland

Driving "Englishman" in Poland

For some, a higher standard at a better price, for others a unique, rare model. There can be as many motivations to buy a car from Great Britain as there are drivers. Some return to Poland with their cars after years spent in emigration, others decide to buy and import with the help of professional companies. There are quite a lot of “English” enthusiasts and not all of them consider the steering wheel spacer to be an absolute necessity. Do you have to do it? Let’s take a look at what the drivers themselves think about it.

Handlebar spacer and regulations

Until August 2015, a car buyer from England had to make changes to the vehicle design so that the steering wheel and pedals were on the left side of the car. Otherwise, insurance companies could not provide a policy for such a vehicle. So it was equal to excluding it from use (although not completely, which will be discussed in more detail later in the article). 

However, the regulations have changed, so now you do not need to move the steering wheel or change the position of the pedals. Drivers can buy and use a car from Great Britain on Polish roads, without fear of consequences or unpleasantness from the law. 

UK car and insurance

We have already written about what procedures apply when buying a car policy from England here: “Englishman’s” insurance . It is worth emphasizing, however, that changing the registration and insurance company is not necessary, although certain conditions must be met. What are the conditions? Of course, current technical examinations, registration and policy completed in the British Isles. So the car is registered, it is also insured with a third-party liability policy, but they are still British plates and a British company.

As you can easily guess, this is a convenient solution, but it will not always be good due to the large differences in the cost of maintaining a vehicle in England and Poland. If you live in Great Britain and visit Poland as part of your holiday – you do not have to worry about registration and insurance. 

Driving "Englishman" in Poland

How to drive a car from England?

We already know that from the point of view of regulations, it is not necessary to change the side of the steering wheel and pedals from right to left. But is such a car comfortable to drive and, above all, is it safe?

If we take a closer look at the opinions of the drivers themselves, we will notice that there is no unanimity here. Opinions are divided especially in the case of maneuvers such as overtaking other vehicles or collecting parking tickets from machines. In both situations, the infrastructure favors cars of the European type, which is associated with certain inconveniences. Overtaking requires greater distance and caution, especially if the driver is not supported by a passenger sitting next to him on the left. However, this is not an impossible maneuver, and some drivers even consider it safer this way. How is this possible? Less comfort when overtaking is an effective stimulus, discouraging this manoeuvre. Drivers decide to take their foot off the accelerator and calmly follow the slower vehicle.

Drivers notice that the biggest inconvenience in driving a car with the steering wheel on the right side is the moment of collecting the ticket – at the entrance to the motorway or in the car park with an automatic payment system. If the driver is traveling alone, he or she must get out of the car and walk around it, or exercise to reach the machine from the passenger seat.

What about other traffic situations? In principle, there is not much difference whether you drive a European car or not. Moving around cities or beyond them is no different, it only requires mastering the operation of the car. 

“Englishman” and the work of the driver

Interesting conclusions have some drivers, especially those for whom driving has become a source of income. In their opinion, it is worth getting used to driving both right and left-hand cars, because it gives prospects for finding a good job in Poland or in Great Britain. While it would be difficult to acquire such skills in a truck, a passenger car, and even a van, can be bought without any problems. is it worth it? The number of job offers for professional drivers speaks for itself: job offers for drivers. International drivers are undoubtedly a profession with prospects, and business trips to England are more than certain here.

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