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Car registration from England

Car registration from England

Cars from England are still popular among Polish and European drivers, although there have been a lot of changes in the import regulations and rules recently. As of 01/01/2021, Great Britain lost its membership status of the European Union, and therefore the registration of a car from Great Britain is the same as in the case of buying a car from other countries outside the EU. So how to register an “Englishman” in Poland? We explain below!

Can I register a car from England in Poland?

Registering a car from Great Britain is possible and usually does not involve any major problems. The buyer must take into account the need for several technical modifications to adapt the vehicle to the conditions of driving on the right side of the road. Importantly,  since August 2015, buyers are not required to move the steering wheel and pedals from right to left . You can make such changes and the car will also be registered, but the decision is entirely up to the buyer.

How to register a car from England in Poland?

Before a vehicle imported from Great Britain is allowed to be registered in Poland, it must be adapted to driving conditions on Polish roads:

  • changing the headlight setting  – modifying the direction of lighting the roadway with an emphasis on the right side so as not to dazzle other road users,
  • rear fog light  – must be moved from right to left,
  • speedometer  – due to the use of a different measurement system in Great Britain, speedometers there indicate values ​​expressed in miles, not kilometers. Before the car is registered in Poland, the device must be replaced.
  • mirrors – the glass in the mirrors should be replaced so that the driver’s field of vision is wide enough.


In addition, an imported right-hand drive car should:

  • be registered in England for the first time  before 31/12/2020,
  • come from another European Union country,
  • have M1 approval category or EC approval,
  • be intended for the transport of persons,
  • have at least 4 wheels,
  • have a maximum of 9 seats, including the driver,
  • be suitable for driving at a speed of at least 40 km/h.
Car registration from England

Car registration from Great Britain – formalities

The process of registering an imported car is very similar to any other registration in Poland. Within  a maximum of 30 days from the date of importing the car,  you should go to the appropriate office, which may be the poviat office, the city office (for cities with poviat rights) or the district office, if the registration is to take place in Warsaw. In the first stage, the buyer will obtain a term registration for 30 days, after which the proper registration will take place. Within these 30 days, the authority will review the information about the vehicle and the documentation submitted.

Car registration from England – documents

The buyer is obliged to present a set of documents to the competent authority:

  • application for car registration – to be downloaded from the website of the office or on site at the office,
  • V5C registration document,
  • confirmation of excise duty payment,
  • confirmation of vehicle ownership – e.g. purchase and sale agreement, invoice,
  • current technical examination,
  • current liability insurance policy,
  • existing license plates,
  • proof of identity of the owner or owners (all co-owners are required to appear at the office),
  • proof of payment of the registration fee.


It is worth remembering that all documents issued in English must be translated by a sworn translator.

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