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Car Parts from England

Import Of Car Parts From England

Import of car parts from England

Our company imports car parts from England to Poland or another EU country. We specialize in searching for and importing cars and parts throughout Great Britain: England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Thanks to many years of experience on the market and always up-to-date knowledge in the field of import, we can pride ourselves on full professionalism and service at the highest level. Using our help, you can be sure of a safe and comfortable transaction.

For whom?

This service is addressed to car services and garages, which we invite to permanent cooperation. We do not carry out retail orders.

What can we offer our clients?
  • Assistance in finding and purchasing any car parts or cars for parts.
  • Support for purchase and sale formalities, customs and imports.
  • Translation of documents.
  • Organisation of transport from any place in Great Britain to the indicated address in the European Union.
Import Of Car Parts From England

How is the Import Going?

We work with British auction houses, which are the most common way to buy vehicles and car parts in the UK. We have appointed a dedicated supervisor in our team who bids on the indicated auctions on websites such as:


The purchase can also be made on one of the most popular sales platforms used by wholesalers and natural persons:

  • eBay
  • Gumtree
  • Auto Trader
  • and others.

Our customers can choose interesting offers on their own or take advantage of our help and professional advice. What’s more, we are happy to assist buyers in price negotiations and all contacts with the seller. After obtaining a satisfactory offer or ending the auction, we purchase the part or vehicle and complete all formal issues. The last stage of import is the organization of transport, including the collection of parts or cars for parts from any address in the British Isles and delivery to any place in the European Union.

Importing car parts or cars for parts from England couldn’t be easier!

Import Of Car Parts From England

Why Is It Worth It?

Buying car parts or cars for parts in the British Isles are advantageous because of the price. Right-hand drive vehicles registered in the UK are much cheaper than in the European Union. For this reason, second-hand shops, garages and car services in Poland and throughout Europe are very eager to use the possibility of import. Car parts from England are therefore a cost-effective alternative to our home European market.

Looking for a company you can trust?

If you want to talk about cooperation – contact us! We guarantee you the highest level of service and professional advice.