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Passenger Cars from England

Passenger cars from England Import of Passenger cars from England Among the popular types of cars that we most often import from England, there are passenger cars. We actively support our customers at every stage of vehicle purchase, from choosing the car of their dreams to transport to the designated place. For this reason, our […]

Car Parts From England

Car Parts from England Import of car parts from England Our company imports car parts from England to Poland or another EU country. We specialize in searching for and importing cars and parts throughout Great Britain: England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Thanks to many years of experience on the market and always up-to-date knowledge […]

Damaged Cars from England

Damaged cars from England Import of Damaged cars from England Our company provides services in the field of importing cars from England in every technical condition, including damaged , post-accident and non-driving cars . We are entitled to legally purchase category B vehicles, as well as their disassembly, cleaning and transport. Our services have been […]

Vans from England

Vans from England Import of Vans from England We offer a service of importing vans from England, addressed to individual recipients and to companies – garages, car dealerships or enterprises expanding their fleet of vehicles. We provide assistance at every stage of the purchase, also helping our clients in auctions and price negotiations. Thanks to […]

All Terrain Vehicles from England

All-Terrain Vehicles from England Import of Off-Road Vehicles from England We invite you to use our services of importing off-road vehicles from England. We offer our help in choosing, buying and transporting any car from Great Britain to Poland or to another country located in the European Union. At the client’s request, we check the […]