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Car auctions from England

The purchase of used cars from England is most often done through one of the most popular auction houses. Among thousands of offers there are cars, off-road vehicles, vans, motorcycles, trucks and much more. Auctions are held for vehicles throughout the UK and may be for cars in a variety of conditions, including accident and non-accident cars. Participation in the auction requires an active account and appropriate time resources, as the auctions start on a set date at a certain time.

Car Auctions From England

How do we bid?

For smaller customers who want to buy a car or auto parts occasionally, we have a dedicated team member in our purchasing department who bids on any UK auction on your behalf using one of our own accounts. Our purchasing team can also call and negotiate prices with any UK private seller.

For larger customers who bid or buy multiple cars on a weekly basis, we can open an account with any UK auction house specifically for your use. This will give you direct access to the auctions so you can bid on the cars yourself.

Regardless of whether we buy a car for our client or the client bids himself using the account we have opened for him, the client will receive a net VAT invoice for the vehicle from our office in Poland.

Ask for a car from England

Feel free to contact us and talk about the details of our offer.

We will be happy to answer any questions and provide advice on the purchase of any car from England.